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4 reasons Why You Should Join A Tech Startup

February 01, 2019

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing direct results from your hard work and that is exactly what you will get when you start working in a tech start-up. While big companies have already done all the work and have an established plan of action, startups, on the other hand, are still learning what works best. By allowing the people who work there to grow and also map their growth, the employees are also expected to learn how to cope with the problems and inconveniences that might come in their way. There is constant competition amongst employees to work in the top tech companies, however, wider brand recognition has made the level of competition even higher for the job seekers. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to ditch their dreams of joining a tech company. Joining a newer, smaller tech start-up can in fact be the best thing for their career.

Listed below are 4 reasons why:

A. Experience

  1. The job market today demands experience to get experience, making it difficult for job seekers to join top tech organisations. Smaller start-up businesses, however, embrace graduates and show more inclination to provide internships and entry level roles to job seekers who are on the hunt for their first job.
  2. Working in a startup also helps you realise the parts of your job you like the most and it can also work as a good stepping stone for you to gain more experience in your field and later employ it to join larger tech companies.
  3. Working at a tech startup is an excellent way to build and refine your existing skill sets, gain hands on experience in many functional areas and take on a lot of responsibilities which a newbie in a large tech company would not easily be trusted with.
  4. What’s more interesting is that your contribution to the success of the tech startup you join will not only help the company grow but also generate opportunities for career advancement for you as well.


B. Responsibility

  1. As compared to a large tech organisation, a startup company employs fewer pairs of hands and the employees are expected to take on multiple roles that will help the company grow. This generates a sense of responsibility amongst the employees to adjust themselves to the work environment, enabling the business to run smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Every action in a tech start-up has a direct impact on the business it is operating as a result, employees are more likely to receive recognition for their hard work.
  3. Startups also offer a more relaxed work environment than most large tech companies making the employees more responsible. For example, when it comes to working days and time offs, startup tech companies offer a lot more flexibility in terms of the hours of work an employee does or even allow the option to work from home. This is because such smaller companies are more concerned about getting the work done than calculating the hours an employee spends at his desk.


C. Learning

  1. Responsibility always comes with a ton of opportunities for employees to learn and grow from. Startup companies generally do not have the time to spend mothering new employees, as a result, they will be expected to learn on the field. This allows the employees to be quickly introduced to the different aspects of the business, creating a smaller but more experienced, effective and skillful team.



  1. A lot more freedom is given to employees in a tech startup for getting specific work done in ways the employee feels work best. This creates a room for implementing more innovation and creativity to problem solving in the company.
  2. A startup environment demands input from all of its employees, allowing them to voice their opinions and have a say in how the company should run.
  3. Tech startups also show a tendency to work in smaller teams, that lessens the sense of hierarchy in a work environment. As a result, employees find themselves working alongside people of all levels of seniority, exposing them to more learning opportunities and experience.
  4. Working in a startup also allows its employees to shape the culture of their workspace and decide what works best for them. Larger, established tech companies already possess pre-formed company cultures that have existed for years. In a smaller company, employees have a direct impact on their working environment and also provide feedback about how it can be improved or the type of changes the company needs to undergo to make their employees as well as their customers more happy and satisfied.


All in all, if you are thinking about joining a tech startup, get ready to constantly innovate, learn and experiment with ways of approaching responsibilities you may undertake in the company. Joining a tech startup is a unique experience that helps individuals build something for the company and be a part as well as a reason for their growth.















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