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5 Top Benefits Of Using AI In Recruitment

May 29, 2019

In recent times, the recruitment business has been taken by storm by artificial intelligence, and surely, in a good way! When we say “Artificial Intelligence”, many are driven by the misconception that it refers to robots that assist humans in doing certain tasks. However, it can also simply mean a platform or program used in a computer. It promises numerous advantages in various sectors, including of course, the world of recruitment. In fact, according to a global survey conducted by Korn Ferry on 800 talent search professionals, a whopping 64% of respondents in the Asia Pacific affirmed that AI has brought about a massive transformation in the way recruitment happens in their organizations. It is also interesting to note that around 76% were found to use AI as a recruitment tool which helps them in producing high-quality candidates. The best part is, this technological invention offers a number of benefits to companies as well as candidates!

Human resource professionals are further exploring the scope and possibilities of leveraging AI algorithm learning to develop customized and optimized models for recruitment in real-time. By matching candidates with the organization, companies can hire their workforce according to their requirements and organizational culture. It ensures that you put the best individuals in the openings you have, without investing a huge amount of time into it. Be it interview scheduling, shortlisting resumes, or any such thing involved in the pre-selection process, AI lifts the burden off you, so that you can instead devote that time and energy to more constructive things.

Now let us take a detailed look at the benefits of using AI in recruitment:

  1. Saving time:

When it comes to the process of recruiting qualified professionals, artificial intelligence guarantees significant economy of time as compared to conventional recruitment process. With the latter, a recruiter might take months since it involves a manual procedure to hire the befitting candidates. On the other hand, with the use of Artificial Intelligence, the entire process is carried out digitally through a special platform, which automatically screens to find good candidates.

  • 2. Improving the quality of recruitment:

It might seem very easy for an HR to simply go through resumes of applicants and shortlist them according to the required qualification, but can it actually ensure that he candidates will be skilled and efficient enough? With the use of Artificial Intelligence, the quality of hire goes up by quite a few notches, the since the platform is designed in a way that can match a candidate according to their knowledge, skill, and experience. Additionally, since the process is computerized, you can place your bets on its accuracy.

  • 3. Easy and effective for finding many candidates:

If you have a job vacancy for several positions, you can be in a tight spot, trying to recruit the suitable candidates manually. It is not only time-consuming, but is also pretty complicated and inefficient. Instead, resort to Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the recruitment process is easy and hassle-free. It will also prove to be much faster, especially if you intend to hire a number of workers simultaneously.

  • 4. Saving money:

Bid adieu to unnecessary expenses by opting for AI, when it comes to the IT recruitment process, amongst others. This is even more crucial for start-up companies since investing a lot of money to find the right candidates for their opening can take a toll on their budget.

  • 5. Candidates can follow the process more clearly:

Being a totally digital and virtual process, AI in recruitment involves only online communication between the candidate and the recruiter. The latter need not even visit the office personally. As a recruiter, you only need to provide a portal pr platform that will be accessible to the candidates for 24 hours. A new candidate can easily send their resume and upload their documents. Thereafter, the AI will take up the process automatically.

Without any second thoughts, make sure you incorporate AI in every level of recruitment and hiring in your organization, that will surely yield smarter choices in terms of filling out your vacancies. Find out more about its vast possibilities, and you can choose the right tools, software, and programs for the recruitment process. Also, as you keep experimenting with and evaluating new processes and systems, you will gain further insight into the expectations of the candidates too, who are hunting for the right job. Give a shot to this automatic and digital platform and let it change the game for you as a recruiter!

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