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7 habits of highly successful tech recruiters

August 01, 2019


Recruitment is a tough job. It needs many skills like collaboration, time management, proactiveness among others. Successful recruiters maintain certain habits which make them close more positions than the others.

Here are some habits of highly successful tech recruiters

  1. Building Your Knowledge

 As a technical recruiter, you must be able to distinguish among different roles. The technical skills mentioned could be the same in more than one job; however, the roles and responsibilities are extremely different. Just looking for skill or keywords in resumes is never enough.

Technology is changing very rapidly these days. You must constantly update and improve your knowledge through Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. Top tech recruiters spend time and effort in learning about the profile they are hiring for.  You must discuss with your fellow recruiters or manager if you have any doubts.

This will help you in two ways:

  • You have a better understanding of the skills mentioned in the resumes and know whether they fit the profile
  • The candidates have a good impression of you.

2. Knowing Your Metrics

Successful recruiters use recruitment analytics to measure important recruiting parameters like

  • Candidate Engagement Activity
  • Email Open Rates
  • Time to fill a position
  • Submission Rates
  • Source to hire rates
  • Quality of hire
  • Offer to Acceptance rate

Build such key metrics to measure our own performance. Do not wait for the year-end performance appraisal discussion.

3. Keeping Multiple Sources of Candidate Resourcing

Relying on the leading job portal like LinkedIn or Indeed for candidate resourcing is a common mistake. This will limit your results. Since other recruiters are also using the same portal, your closure rate will go down. Different job profiles may require different approaches. Top recruiters study the yield and quality of candidates from each source and try new marketing tactics. They keep updating their postings to stay up-to-date.

4. Using Technology in Your Work

You are looking for the best talent for your company. You receive a lot of applications but you need to go through them fast. Time becomes the most crucial factor. Successful recruiters automate their recruiting. This increases their efficiency and productivity and leaves them more time to connect with the right candidates.

Companies are investing in AI recruiting software. They intelligently automate most of your tasks. Use Applicant Tracking System to organize, sort and filter candidate files. This software filters the resumes so that you don’t have to go through every one of them. Thus, this gives you more time to study each resume.

5. Communicating Right

Successful recruiters put extra efforts in sending personalized messages. Instead of cold emails, they send more targeted emails. They try and test different messages to know which one gets more response. They keep various mail templates ready for different scenarios. Let’s say, a candidate isn’t very interested in the job, the response should be mail thanking him and politely requesting for a few references. Do not give up when you get a negative reply. This makes you look more genuine. Keep such email content ready. This will help save your time.

They don’t rely just on sending emails to candidates. They have to be able to be pick up the phone and actively reach out to them and their network. A successful recruiter will always respect the candidate’s time and availability and ask of need to call back later. Fearlessness, not carelessness.

6. Growing your Talent Pool

 Reach out to candidates regularly to know about their achievements, skills they have picked up or even for referrals. You can call, email or even meet them in person. The amount of effort you put in is very crucial. It is very critical for recruiters to build and maintain a relationship with their Talent Pool, past clients and alumni. You must initiate conversations to boost awareness for your positions. Networking will help you in passive recruiting.

Never stop expanding your circle. Keep good candidates engaged. Encourage them to call you if something changes for them.

7. Being Motivated by a Vision

For a recruiter to be successful, they have to believe in the company’s vision first. They have to instil the same company vision into their candidates. They need to see the bigger picture. While interviewing, dig deeper. Identify their skills, character and experience. Recruit those who can grow in the company culture rather than just filling a position.

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