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Our Company

Our Company

TechAxis is a boutique recruiting firm, headquartered in Virginia, with more than two decades of experience.

At Techaxis we specialize in full-time strategic, sales, technology, and operational roles. focused on serving multiple areas, including sales, marketing, consulting, technology, strategy, environment, sustainability and operations. We support a wide range of industries in each of these domains. Our clients include software startups, large IT services firm and management consulting firms. We offer services in North America, Europe, and the UK.


We are strategic partners in talent acquisition.

Our team of established professionals has the functional experience needed to deliver the recruitment and hiring solutions for our clients.

We use a combination of our industry insights, AI tools, and expertise to find candidates with the correct blend of skills, experience, background, education, career aspiration and salary requirements and who are a right fit for the company culture.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless recruitment experience for both our clients and our candidates.

What sets us apart are our core competencies – cutting-Edge Technology, Efficiency, Quality, experienced teams to ensure a great ROI for our clients.

We use our industry insight to focus on finding candidates with the correct blend of skills, experience, background, education, career aspiration and salary requirements.


We believe finding the right candidate requires…

  • Working on a solid brief, understanding the company culture, drive the brand, networking with our extensive pool of experts and ensuring a smooth sourcing process.
  • A laser-like focus to work with our clients as partners, rather than just vendors. This helps us in segmenting, targeting and positioning in the most effective way possible.
  • Ensuring we use cutting edge technologies like AI tools, to help identify the right candidates from our pool in a more efficient and faster way.

We believe that together, we can build the workforce that in turn helps our clients become successful.

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