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Employers are hiring on potential not experience

October 07, 2018

“Skills get musty, qualifications become obsolete, while potential remains ripe and fresh always”

Whether you are an owner of a well-settled company or have just wet your feet with a start-up, you would know that it’s the people that make the true difference. Recruitment is that one crucial key that holds in potential to change the entire scenario of your organizational growth and achievements.

And this indeed is the very reason why employers scrutinize every single talent so closely. When it comes to selecting, recruiters often end up trusting the archaic method of ‘age= wisdom’ and prove their loyalty towards the equation by scouting for the most experienced candidate.

But, the recent times has unfolded its own revolution and has made it clear that all these recruiters are simply narrowing down their own pool of talent by trying the already tested talent. Moreover, it doesn’t fall under the logic that an individual’s success with some other organization would mean tickets to success for yours too.

Hence, the secret is to take a dive for potential and not the length and breadth of the applicants’ experience.

Boons of hiring potential

“Potential is the seed that can unravel into an incredible harvest”

While experience guarantees success in past years, potential assures about the future as it has the ability to develop into something amazing. Below are the unbeatable characteristics of a potential employee that definitely correlates with organizational success.

  • Vivid imagination

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High potential employees bring with them fresh and distinctive perspectives. These innovative ideas can be employed in business to see novel growth. Such inclination towards creativity can be identified in an employee during cross-examination and problem-solving tasks.

  • Adaptability

“At times of crisis, it’s a natural talent that brightens the path”

All those individuals who have not been around the industry for long can adapt to any situation. Since they have no formal experience or hindsight, it is easy for them to accept the working of any organization without being judgemental or critical about the work environment. And the absence of previously set opinions makes them a perfect fit for the organization.

Talent and experience only go for so far. As a recruiter, you have to make sure that a perfect harmony is achieved to keep the employees pumped up and goal oriented. Even a slight misfit can cause friction in the team resulting in distraction from the goal. Hence, going for someone who can adjust and adapt to any situation becomes the perfect choice.

  • Potential loyalty and dedication

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Giving chance to an employee with lesser experience and more potential will drive employee loyalty. Moreover, lack of working background and abundant talent will make these employees more inclined towards demonstrating their potential leading to higher productivity. Plus, they will definitely handle risk situations better as they haven’t yet developed a fear for particular experiences.

The loyalty that employees develop at the most initial level of their career will definitely influence his lifelong career decisions and there would be better chances of retaining such employees as compared to the one who has tasted water from many wells.

  • Affordability of services

May it be salary or any other incentives, the fresh talents always comes with an approach to learning and doesn’t let their undue demands affect their work like their highly-experienced counterparts. Putting it in simple words, by giving chance to fresh aka potential candidate, recruiters can actually lay their hands on future stars without a rockstar cost. Now that’s a true WIN-WIN!

So, save your organization from unnecessary expenditure and scout for the least expensive and most productive talent.

How to hire potential

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Psychologists and behavioral scientist unitedly agree to the fact that potential can be judged by looking at a person’s problem-solving skills and level of conscientiousness.

Hence, don’t get gravitated towards quantity over quality by focussing on below-mentioned attributes, rather be wise and make the wiser selection,

“Finding potential talent is like searching for diamond, rare to find, but when you do, pick it and value”

  • “What’s there in the name”

Well, no smart recruiters ever get fooled by candidate’s previous company’s reputation or big university stature that he carries as a badge. No doubt, the ones belonging to reputable places are good too but by only focussing on them, you are definitely limiting your choices.

  • Everything that shines is not gold

Resumes are candidate’s marketing pitch and are often embellished with jewels that might be fake. Moreover, it is next to impossible to dig for potential talent when everyone is highlighting qualities that are required for the job. So, don’t let yourself be fooled by such resumes and go for formal pre-employment assessments (like group tests, value test, technical skills test, online assessment tools etc.) to find out the true potential of the employee.

So, next time you are inclined towards looking for extensive work history of your prospective candidate, make sure to look out for available potential because the future definitely beholds numerous untold stories that can be handled well only by potential and adaptable talent.

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