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Enhancing Work Culture through Inclusion & Diversity

September 10, 2020

Inclusion and diversity have been gaining much momentum in the recruiting space in recent years. Buoyed by extensive research that indicates a correlation between an inclusive workplace and profitability, more and more companies are beginning to understand the relevance of both beyond the moral imperative, as well.

In a year defined by deep exploration of these topics, it is incumbent upon us to revisit the issues and impact related to diversity in the workplace. What do inclusion and diversity mean to today’s companies and how can companies embrace them to enhance work culture?

The Value of Differing Perspectives

By far, the largest impact (read: benefit) to work culture via diversity comes through the introduction of more and varied perspectives. Given the collaborative nature of modern business, diverse opinions only deepen the workflow at a company and increases the opportunities to make meaningful and transformational product. 

Companies can benefit, too, from ensuring that diversity extends into processes across an enterprise. Assembling teams and defining protocols for collaboration or an in-house review process should all reflect the diversity of a company’s hiring practices.  

Increasing Employee Engagement

A diverse and inclusive environment also works to increase employee engagement at a company. This comes through trust— when employees working in a diverse environment are made to feel welcomed and heard via inclusion this leads to an uptick in trust and, in turn, employee engagement.

With enhanced engagement comes productivity as well as loyalty that can reduce employee turnover. for companies dealing with the challenges of maintaining a skilled and consistent workforce, these benefits should be highly valued and prioritized. 

Embracing an Ongoing Process

A central tenet in any inclusion initiative should be maintaining a focus on the long-term. It is important for both HR and companies as a whole to understand that inclusion and diversity involve an ongoing process. It is not enough simply to do the hiring— companies need to listen and embrace the new perspectives that come with a more diverse work environment and make room for the adjustments and changes that happen in response. In this way, companies can enjoy the true benefits of more inclusive work culture. 

Promoting inclusion and diversity reaps multiple dividends in the end. While the impact of the change may manifest over time, it will lead to a more productive and constructive workplace. By emphasizing the long-term benefits of diversity, you can ensure that your stakeholders remain invested in a process that will benefit them and your company for years to come, transforming workplace morale, culture, and success. 

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