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How to Find (And Secure) The Best Tech Talent

September 25, 2018

Any company currently immersed in the executive recruiting world knows there is a serious battle going for the industry’s leading tech talent. Finding professionals that not only have the career experience and skills to fit an executive role, but that also have tech talent can be a challenge for even the most established of organizations. Tech talent is at an all-time high demand as the unemployment rate for tech executives is significantly lower than the unemployment rate of other professionals. As this talent war only continues to escalate and the pool of qualified applicants only continues to shrink, many companies find themselves asking “how do I find, and secure the best tech talent?”

It is true that finding executive tech talent is a challenge in today’s market, and the demand for quality tech talent is only growing stronger. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to secure the best tech talent in the industry or to find the right executive to meet your company’s needs. Here are the tops ways to find, and secure, the best tech talent in today’s market.

Hire a Recruiter

Executive recruiters are extremely helpful when it comes to hiring top-level employees. However, if you don’t hire an executive recruiter for any other position in your company, then this is the one you want to hire an expert for. Since the talent pool is so limited in the tech field, yet finding established tech talent is so important to any industry today, it is essential that you have a more involved search process.

Most companies won’t find the talent they need through a traditional job search. They need to find experts and individuals who are willing to search beyond the standard stack of applications to find the best tech talent out there and convince them to join a certain company. Any executive recruiter can be instrumental in finding this type of talent, and be warned, they may have to cast a wide net and search all over the country. They can also make certain you are offering the right type of incentives that can really help you secure these individuals so you can actually get them on board.

Craft the Right Pitch

Finding real tech talent isn’t like finding any other type of executive. You need to be able to appeal to these professionals and speak their language, so to say. Since so many tech executives have multiple avenues they can explore, it is more important than ever that you learn about what these individuals want and advertise your position in a way that will appeal to these individuals.

This starts with the first and most important rule of hiring any type of talented individual; for them, the job is about more than just the paycheck. The right career for talented individuals needs to offer value and experience. With this in mind, you must be able to advertise the position in a way that not only highlights compensation, but that also emphasizes what the role can offer them.

Get to know your targeted ideal employee. What type of projects will interest them? Do they need a more flexible work schedule? What type of environment will they thrive in?

You need to know your targeted pool of talent just as you know your target market of consumers. Do your research, get to know the market and get to know your ideal candidates, this information will only help you along with your search for the right talent.

Hire Fast

Finding the right executive is always important and you should never waste time dragging your feet when it comes to hiring the right person for the job. This urgency is even more paramount when it comes to tech talent. If you know the right individual for the job has just come into your office, it is important that you don’t let them get away. You need to hire fast.

While this doesn’t mean you should hire the first person that walks in the door and meets you standard qualifications, it does mean you should be ready to hire at a moment’s notice. You can’t spend weeks debating over a candidate or waiting to see if other competition emerges. If you know someone is the right hire you need to secure them quickly. This means calling them back quickly, bringing them in for a second interview quickly and making them an offer quickly.

Experts will tell you that speed and decisiveness are your greatest allies in the war to find the right tech talent. If you have a gut feeling about someone hire them, if you wait too long in this market, they will find a job somewhere else.

Remember, in order to find the right tech executives, you need to be willing to do your due diligence in the realm of talent recruiting. It is a competitive market when it comes to finding and securing the right tech talent. You must be willing to take a different, slightly more complex recruiting approach in order to find and secure the right tech talent for your company.

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