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How E-learning is changing the way of Hiring!

March 20, 2019

Learning is a lifelong process. And with the boom in the internet, sharing and transferring of knowledge and ideas has become super quick.

The current workforce prefers good learning with earning. Be it soft skills or hard skills, they prefer learning new skills while doing the job. Employees want to stay ahead in their work field and constant learning is the only way to achieve it.

Also, a workforce equipped with the latest skills is only going to be an asset to the company. As employees will be more efficient and effective.

Let’s take a detailed look into the world of e-learning and it’s increasing significance to the workers and the recruiters.

E-learning and Job Seekers

An interesting study by LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report revealed that 94% of employees would not give up their current job if it offers them constant career development.

Also, on the other hand, 56% of the workforce turns to learning when it becomes a necessity. Therefore, companies cannot ignore this need of employees at the workplace.

This gap can only be bridged with the help of various e-learning tools available on the web. There are a good number of e-learning platforms offering a variety of courses for different fields and industries.

Another big benefit of e-learning tools is that they are economical and easily accessible at any given time. Companies don’t need to bear the travel expenses of sending them to far off places for training or conferences. The organizations just need to take care of the worker’s registration charges. Also, it eliminates the need for hiring an instructor as online courses already include a well-qualified instructor.

Furthermore, it minimizes the need for printing those boring modules as all the course material is available online. It is quite useful in those industries where the employees are exposed to an unhealthy environment and dangerous equipment and substances. So, it also eliminates any kind of risk to the lives of the workforce.

Also, if your organization has offices around the globe and your employees are scattered in different parts of the world, you don’t need to fly them down halfway across the world. Just get them registered for the particular course and they all can continue doing it from their respective home offices.

Therefore, constant e-learning keeps the employees happy and satisfied with there job.

E-learning and HR Industry

Moreover, E-learning is becoming significant, especially to the talent acquisition industry. They are no longer interested in two-day seminars or thick and boring manuals. Today’s modern-day recruiters are looking out for ways to gain new skills and gain higher positions.

It is crucial that HR professionals are modern-day learners so they can have a better understanding of the employee’s expectations. They can have better insights regarding the learning expectations of clients from their job profile.

The significance of the HR division can’t be understated in any organization as they act as a bridge between the employers and the employees. They need to be equipped with the latest knowledge to tackle any situation on better terms.

But before taking up any online courses it is crucial that the courses to be taken up are designed by the best bunch of industry experts. The course carries credibility and is verified. Due to a sudden boom in the e-learning industry many fraudulent and bogus sites have emerged on the web. Posting fake courses and charging a hefty amount.

Still, one cannot overlook the importance of e-learning in today’s time. It is a powerful tool and available through a medium which is accessible by an individual easily.

Moreover, this trend is going to gain more popularity with job seekers pursuing professional and micro degrees via these online learning platforms.

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