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How effective is remote working ?

August 21, 2019

We are all aware and accustomed to the 9 – 5 job  And if you choose to work remotely, it is considered as an excuse to take off from work or a privilege. Well, times have changed and so is the working culture.

Over the years the workplace and work culture have taken a paradigm shift. From being an exceptional employee perk and incentive, remote working has now become a valuable employee productivity trend. And the trend is picking up steadily and is here to stay. With developing technologies, connectivity, and networking at a massive scale, remote working has become quite a preference.

It has now become evident to the employees and the employers that a person doesn’t have to come to the central office to be more productive, they can be prolific and give optimum results from alternative locations as well.

The rapid acceleration of remote work culture is due to the overwhelming constructive attributes it provides.

10 benefits from remote work are as follows:

1)     It helps in increasing your employee’s productivity and efficiency:

Remote working helps the employees to avoid in-office distractions such as- water-cooler

conversations, fights, drills, loud colleagues. Traveling and commuting is another major factor that affects the productivity of the employee. A remote worker gets to avoid all these frenzies and focus on their work to give out the quality results successfully.

2)     It helps in boosting the morale of the employee by relieving them of stress:

The productivity of the employee is a direct outcome of a happy employee. With remote working, an individual can maintain a work-life balance, which helps them de-stress themselves and be more productive towards their work.

3)     It helps in increasing employee engagement:

It may seem untrue, but a remote worker is more engaged with their supervisors than the in-office workers. More engagement leads to more productivity and more results.

4)     It helps in retaining older employees:

Untimely retirements and inadequate saving funds have strained the older age groups to work beyond their retirement period. For this age group work from home is more engaging and preferable.

5)     It helps in hiring the younger workforce:

Today’s generation is very picky yet very clear about what they are looking for in a company they want to work in. With everyday hustle in this rat-race, every college student or grad students prefer flexible, casual, fun and understanding working environment.

6)     It helps in maintaining a positive impact on the environment:

We are in the times where if you have no other option but to go green. It is one of the biggest incentives for companies as their CSR activity. A shift towards remote working culture by many companies has helped our environment with the reduction in carbon trail.

7)     It helps in decreasing operational costs:

Remote work leads to fewer workforces in the office, which means less office space, which helps in cutting down the lease cost along-with the other expenses of a workplace. Nowadays several companies have now replaced their workplace rentals with the effective virtual agreement, without any commitment to the full-time office cost.

8)     It helps in reducing employee attrition:

One of the major fears of any company is employee attrition. Well, with flexible working hours and place, a company can reduce its attrition rate in the employees. Along-with attrition, there will fewer sick leaves and casual leaves, which will be beneficial for the company.

9)     It helps in having more autonomous employees:

In-office, every individual is accustomed to the same approach of working, but with rules and guidelines in place, the freedom to create your own working environment helps the employee achieve their best.

10)  It helps the company go with the trend:

The remote working policy is rising fast. It may seem impossible for several industries to embrace this policy, but soon everyone will prefer a full-time remote worker position over their current jobs.

Everything considered, embracing a remote work policy helps in improving the company’s culture. It has its challenges, but the advantages help in the optimized end results for both parties. Remote working has now become a way of life. This change has disrupted the traditional way of working and the whole structure is beneficial to both the organisation as well as the employee.

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