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How to reject an Internal Resource gracefully without impacting their performance?

June 13, 2019

As a Manager, its hard enough to inform a job candidate about his rejection. What if, you have to reject an internal resource? Yes, this situation can, of course, create a lot of negative feelings affecting not only the candidate but for the whole office.  

So what to do when an employee applies for internal transfer and you have to reject him without impacting his performance? How exactly will you notify him? What is the appropriate way to inform the candidate?

Answers to these questions are much more challenging than you think. After all, we are talking about someone who believes in this company and wants to excel in his skills and responsibility within the company.

Let’s check out some tips that can help you reject the candidates without compromising their performance

  1. Personalize communication with Quick Actions:

Although email has made communication a lot easier for us nowadays. However, this is not the right channel to deliver a message in case of an internal candidate. It looks tempting to avoid an awkward conversation, but it’s important to personally discuss this with the candidate in a one to one session. It will help to make him understand that the company cares for his time and effort.

With that, it’s required to keep your body language, facial expression and tone soft to make a positive impact on the candidate.   

2. Give Honest Feedback

An in-person session requires careful preparation from your side. You have to examine carefully what needs to be said and how it will be discussed? It’s essential to make him understand why position went to someone else?

Explain to him what strengths he has and what strengths he can explore to make himself a competent candidate in the future.

3. Discuss Future Goals:

Sometimes, the employee applies for different positions because he’s not satisfied in his current team or wants to do something new. In such a scenario, it’s crucial to understand what issues he’s tackling with his team or How he can extend his current abilities to get a better opportunity? Have an open discussion to understand What is his professional goals? What title does he admire? and  What does he love the most about his current position? These answers will help you understand his skills and how they can be improved aligning with their future goals.

4. Discover Better Opportunities.

As a part of Management, you are aware of where the company is heading and what possibilities will be available in the future as per his skills.

Share these opportunities with him so the employee can understand how he can expand on those areas because of which he couldn’t land this position. It will help him set more realistic goals and work on his skills to get promoted.

5. Be in touch:

After the in-person session, it’s important to catch up and be in touch once in a while. Maybe go for a quick meeting or grab a coffee so you can discuss casually. Checking on employees makes them feel valuable and inspires them to work harder to achieve their goals.

To sum up, getting the internal application is a good sign. It indicates that your employees are satisfied with the company’s environment and loves to work here for a longer period. These tips will help you strengthen your relationship and motivate your employees to do better.

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