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How to Use CSR to Enhance Employer Brand

May 08, 2019

As individuals we are compassionately aware to give back to society, companies and organizations are no different in this regard. Although businesses are profit driven, companies still spend millions annually on CSR activities. Choosing the right subject to show support to also matters a lot and organizations must make sure that the CSR activities are in line with their core values. For example, a pharmaceutical company may choose to fight for basic health in third world countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility has many benefits for the employer, some of which are enumerated below

1.CSR improves a company’s public image

Corporate Social Responsibility enables an organization to enhance its brand image thereby giving them a competitive edge over other companies. Also, companies with better and unique Corporate Social Responsibility policies get better media coverage which gives them bonus brownie points and helps earn loyal customers for life.

2.CSR improves a company’s profit margins

Corporate Social Responsibility practices of a company or organization send a strong message that the company although profit-driven keeps in mind the ethical and moral standpoint and understands right from wrong. It strives to be an example that the company implements rules that contribute to the sustainable development of at least its immediate surroundings. The average consumer is now more educated and knowledgeable than their previous counterparts. They prefer to buy products and services from organizations that take care of the society and the environment.

3. CSR improves societies, people and environments alike

The effects of Corporate Social Responsibilities on the environment and societies are undeniable. The people who benefit from these activities, start contributing towards the betterment of his local surroundings thereby initiating a snowball effect of good deeds.

4. Using CSR to highlight organizational values and goals

Highlighting organizational values and goals attract employees who feel proud to work for the organization.  This, in turn, limits employee attrition and increases employee retention thereby saving the company resources in recruiting new talent from time to time. A positive image helps the company recruit good talent.

5. Attracting millennials

Millennials are knowledgeable, demand instant results, are motivated by what is happening around them and drive positive changes in the environment and societies. Millennials bring diverse life stories and dynamism to the table which companies can benefit from immensely. Naturally, organizations that practice positive Corporate Social Responsibilities will be more likely to hire much-needed talents in the form of modern-day millennials.

6. Transparency

Today everyone including employees and customers demands transparency from organizations. CSR activities encourage employee participation and in many cases involve client and customer participation too. Employee participation leads to employee engagement at various levels of the organization which has positive implications on employee morale (how proud employees are to be associated with the company).

To conclude, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just any minor responsibility that organizations can shrug off; it has real-world implications and solving real world problems will benefit every individual and company alike. It is necessary to understand that although big corporations coordinate and spend money in organizing CSR activities, it is the employees, staff and in many cases clients and customers themselves who make these CSR activities a success. In addition, to make sure that Corporate Social Responsibility activities get the desired positive effect, companies must make optimum use of social media. Thus CSR activities serve the role of people and environment champion bringing about positive changes in the world. It also helps the organization retain the right kind of talent and achieve its core mission and values in the long run.

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