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Role of Social Media in IT Recruitment:

June 05, 2019

Global businesses consider recruitment is the key to success. Finding the best out of the thousands of potential employees who apply for a specific position is no easy task. To keep up with the trend, the recruitment industry did find a new tool in their armoury – social media. The outreach of social media is massive, and when not embraced, recruiters can lose qualitative candidates. The most skilled and talented employees should be tempted to apply for vacancies. This is when social media as a tool can be used to create an employer brand that resonates at a human level and advertise jobs to potential recruits.

IT businesses have started focusing on social media for recruiting rather than relying on print media, and job portals. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the preferred social media sites for recruitment. 3.773 billion internet users have been registered in 2017. The active users of social media in 2017 have increased by 21%, compared with 2016. This difference shows why recruitment industry considers social media an effective tool.

Recruiting through social media has its own advantages. Find how social media recruiting can help your organization.

1.    Potential passive candidates can be reached:

IT industry is a niche where most people do not search for a job actively. They would not place resumes on the job boards but would move at the very first opportunity that fits into their needs. Candidates seeking a new role are identified through social media sites. The demand is higher for the developers and engineers in the IT industry. This implies multiple recruiters work tirelessly to find the right candidate. Reaching the potential candidates using social media channels help in finding those who are not active on job sites. This provides an advantage over the other recruiters who follow conventional methods.

2.    Work culture gets advertised:

The work culture at any IT company can never be portrayed through other mediums, unlike social media platforms. Showing how the team celebrates, joins together for a cause, and feel happy at the premises can attract more people to become a part of such culture. Not many companies find it significant to share news and photos about the company and employers but it is essential to show company culture in order to attract new recruits.

3.    It’s cost efficient:

The cost of advertising in social media is lower compared with the traditional methods of recruitment advertisements. Sparing a part of cost spent on other sources of advertisements, would help the IT firms spend on social media recruitment. The information put on social media reaches faster, and the  time taken to hire is lowered. The response rates are higher. These pros ensure it is worth the cost spent on social media recruitment.

4.    Can target the right group:

Industry-centric groups are in a plethora of numbers in LinkedIn. Facebook too has groups for professionals growing. Advertising in specific groups ensures the vacancy requirement reaches the right people. These professional industry-centric groups  talented candidates get informed, and a pool of potential candidates with specific qualifications is found with ease. However, it is vital not to spam these groups.

5.    Helps in screening the candidates:

When a candidate offers his or her Instagram, FB or LinkedIn profile links in the CV, reviewing their social media handles becomes easy. Of course, reviewing the qualification, experience, and relevance to the vacancy is the initial step. Individual Social Media handles give better insight as to what the candidates are posting, what content they are engaging with. It gives  clarity on their hobbies, interests, and attitude to a great extent. Reviewing the social media profiles of potential candidates can help in choosing the right employee fit buy adding another filter to the screening process.

The growing popularity of social media platforms has transformed the way the recruiters of the IT industry communicate with their candidates. The recruitment process has changed immensely. With thousands of resumes for screening, recruiters are being innovative in their process by using newer means. Finding someone who’s skill sets fits the role, adjust to the company culture and also adds value to the company is imperative. Using social media is seen as a innovative option, and screening at multiple levels only helps in bringing in the right candidate.   

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