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Simple Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

March 13, 2019

What is Company Culture?

Every company has its own unique working environment. This working environment along with the management style of the people who operate the business make up a company’s culture.”.  In general, a company culture comprises of work ethics, objectives, work environment, organization’s beliefs, and values. For instance- Samsung is constantly working towards improving its company culture. They have been using their own technology to engage and retain employees. Fly Emirates Airlines, on the other hand, is more customer oriented.

Importance of Company Culture:

Company culture plays a major role not only in employee job satisfaction but the overall productivity of the organization. To build a strong workforce for the long run companies should map & hire individuals who are a cultural fit. When employees fit in the company culture, they become more productive and work for that company longer. This helps them grow as an individual and as an operative. As for employers, culture fit workforce is a huge advantage. Increased productivity, successful business and attainment of desired goals. Over the years, it has also served as an attribute for employee retention.

Simple Ways to Improve Company Culture:

  • Making company culture a priority– For every company, its productivity and success comes first. In order to achieve this desired productivity, there should be a proper emphasis on the culture as well. Prioritizing the company culture is an important factor.
  • Keeping things transparent: Transparency works well for the company as well as its people. Proper communication channels, being able to put forth one’s viewpoint and the clarity in the company’s objectives and operations prove to be helpful.
  • Rewarding and Recognizing Contribution: Appreciation is the key to the heart or in this case- productivity. Employees are more inclined to work harder if their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Rewarding is a technique which has proven to make employees more connected to the company and thus, the turnover rates are low.
  • Aligning Organizational and Individual Objectives:  An organization which has shared objectives has more chances at succeeding comparatively to the companies who do not share their goals openly with their workers.
  • Frequent Feedbacks: Lately, the importance of feedbacks has been realized by the organizational sector. It is noted that employees who often receive feedback on their work are capable of enhancing their skills and improving productivity. Feedback helps to get a clear picture of the company’s expectations.
  • Working Conditions: This is one of the main attributes of the company culture but is often ignored. For creating a productive workforce, it is vital to provide them with healthy company culture. For example- lunch breaks paid leaves, festival holidays, and proper sanitation and so on. These factors are significantly helpful in reducing absenteeism.


Working for a company is not only a means of earning, but employees also look for a holistic working environment. In order for businesses to succeed in the long run, it is vital to have a healthy company culture in sync with employee interests as well as business objectives. A misfit in the culture is a challenge for both the employer and the employee himself.

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