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Charitable Contribution Partnership Program

Charitable Contribution Partnership Program

Our Projects

Environment & Climate

Throughout the year, we consistently prioritize environmental preservation. In this quarter, we focused on a semi-urban area threatened by vanishing green spaces. Our team planted 100 saplings there, aiming to bolster the local green cover and foster a sustainable ecosystem.

Education for underprivileged

We’ve joined hands with organizations like LWSIT to support education for underprivileged children in slums, preventing dropouts due to financial constraints. Our contributions assist 30 children, and our team organizes various activities and sports events for their holistic development.

Feeding the hungry

We’ve partnered with Virginia-based organizations to back meal provisions for shelters, including programs like the Shelter Feeding Program. Our support extends through both financial contributions and volunteer efforts, ensuring that those in need receive vital nourishment and care.

Animal welfare

We extend our support to our colleague who dedicates his efforts to the welfare of stray animals on the streets of Kolkata, India, by providing quarterly contributions. Mayukh diligently tends to the needs of stray dogs and cats, offering them meals twice daily and promptly attending to emergency medical care for injured or ill animals, including those unfortunate enough to be injured by vehicular traffic.

Disaster Relief and Healthcare

Apart from the causes above, we have often found ourselves getting involved in special projects like Cyclone relief efforts as well as need based initiatives like eye check ups for government school children from poor families.

Better, together

In appreciation of the opportunities we have had to grow, and in accordance with our strong desire to make the world a better place, we have created the Charity Contribution Partnership Program.

The program is simple, for every dollar our clients spend with us, 2% will be donated to a charity or charities of their choice or a cause they are passionate about. Or they can simply have us donate to one ot the amazing causes that our team or our other clients support.

So when you work with us you aren’t just getting an organization that helps you grow your revenue or your headcount, we help you further the causes that you believe will make a difference. That’s the kind of teamwork that makes the dream work.

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