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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

ESG Policy

At Techaxis Executive Search and its subsidiaries, we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability across our global operations. We recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint and strive to cultivate a culture of environmental stewardship among our team, clients, and suppliers.

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy outlines the following objectives:

  • Measure and disclose greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Implement strategies to reduce emissions.
  • Comply with regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Optimize energy and resource use while minimizing pollution.
  • Foster a culture of sustainability.

To achieve these objectives, we commit to the following initiatives:

  • Annual reporting on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduction of Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30% by 2025.
  • Space optimization to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Support for low-carbon initiatives and sustainable development goals.
  • Compliance with regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Employee engagement and feedback through a global advisory committee.
  • Promotion of solutions for reducing commute and travel impacts.
  • Minimization of hazardous substance use.
  • Consideration of environmental impacts in purchasing and office operations.
  • Collaboration with clients, landlords, vendors, and supply chain partners.
  • Monitoring of key impacts and progress to improve performance over time.

Senior management oversees our environmental sustainability programs and allocates resources as needed to support our objectives.

Effective Date: January 2024


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