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Charitable Contribution Partnership Program

Charitable Contribution Partnership Program

Better, together

In appreciation of the opportunities we have had to grow, and in accordance with our strong desire to make the world a better place, we have created the Charity Contribution Partnership Program.

The program is simple, for every dollar our clients spend with us, 2% will be donated to a charity or charities of their choice or a cause they are passionate about. Or they can simply have us donate to one ot the amazing causes that our team or our other clients support.

So when you work with us you aren’t just getting an organization that helps you grow your revenue or your headcount, we help you further the causes that you believe will make a difference. That’s the kind of teamwork that makes the dream work.

Support our causes

  • Schools for unprivileged girls
  • Health check up camps for underprivileged
  • School Computer Lab Facilities
  • Stray Animal Welfare

Global Team

Our partnership benefits your charity

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As a thriving global organization, we are experiencing accelerated growth within all sectors of our company. Now is the time to join us and grow.

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