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How to Effectively Employ International Candidates

December 04, 2018

Employing competent candidates out of your region or even the country has its own set of difficulties and challenges. It is up to you to find a way to personally connect with candidates without spending too much time with them. One also needs to be sure that, once hired from abroad, the candidate also needs to seamlessly settle into your company. All of these functions require time and effort however, you need to make sure that you complete all of this as quickly and efficiently as possible as you will (during that brief period) still have an important position open that needs to be filled.

Owing to the large number of roadblocks like this, it is not too difficult to understand why most employers and HR professionals are so reluctant when it comes to hiring candidates from far flung places. The growing skill gap in today’s market will continue to worsen in the coming years, thus, now may not be the best time to ignore potential international candidates.


Research shows that for every vacancy, employers currently have to review at least 52-160 applicants. Despite the presence of this given flood of potential candidates, it however, does not mean that you have found the right person for the job as you still need to review each of them individually. Another survey by Bullhorn reveals that the biggest challenge faced by recruiters and staffing professionals was a lack of required skill sets. The same survey also found that 47% of recruiters have witnessed an expansion of their companies into new territories this year. Thus, if you are not being able to hire talent that is needed in your company, maybe expanding the area of your search is the answer you need.


Hiring international candidates might not seem like an ideal idea, but it helps you bypass shallow pools of candidates and directly find you the person with the right skills for your position. Thanks to the ever-changing technology, it is easier now than ever before to hire candidates who are out of your geographical comfort zone, thereby connecting to candidates you deem best.


Given below are few ways tech solutions are helping to ease the hiring of international candidates:

1.Social Media:

    • One of the hottest trends in the recruiting community, it seems as though almost every individual in this age have a digital footprint. This might be the main reason why approximately 94% of recruiters use social media in their hiring process. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest are being used to hire top-tier talent.


    • A major benefit to hiring international talent through social media is that you do not need to located in the same geographic area as your recruiter to connect. Social networks also enhance the ease to find and communicate with the individuals you deem are best suited for a given position. Recognizing the talent community your ideal candidates belong to will also help you gather a wider variety of talent from all over the world.
    • Uncomfortable networking events that are organized to find ideal candidates can now be completely avoided.


    • Furthermore, employers can have a glimpse of a potential candidate’s thought, leadership, advice, et cetera in the discussions they engage in over social media.



  • Thus, social media is an excellent way to not only keep a check on what is happening within your industry but it also allows you to help build a talent pipeline for your company ensuring that you reach the best talents regardless of where they may reside.

2.Mobile Recruiting:

    • Recruiting is also beginning to become mobile making it easier for interested candidates to apply for company positions directly using their smartphones and tablets. It has been observed that several candidates are more comfortable in sending their resumes through a mobile recruitment platform and a recent survey in this area reveals that 70% of job seekers are already using their mobile devices to search for jobs and 61% would leave a site immediately that has not been optimized for mobile viewing.


    • The portable nature of mobile phones enable candidates to apply for positions from anywhere thus, optimizing job applications and career site for mobile browsing can help you tap on the talent pipeline that connects you to the world.



    • Enabling candidates to easily apply for positions from a mobile phone is a smart and efficient way to find talent at any place and time.

3.Video Interviewing:

    • After isolating ideal candidates and the application procedure, the next big step is to connect. One of the biggest concerns when evaluating candidates from far-flung places for the hiring process is establishing a personal connection.


    • It is impossible for any company to fly-in a talent every time they want to interview an outside talent as it will be time-consuming and expensive. An excellent way to easily overcome this problem is by employing video interviews. Video interviews allow you to maintain personal connection with potential candidates irrespective of their geographical proximity.


    • The preliminary interview stage, A one-way video interview can be used to get a personal feel without wasting time. A one-way video interview requires candidates to answer an employer’s written questions on the video. This method ensures that you do not spend more than half an hour in a video conference with a candidate who is not suited for the job at all.



    • When it comes to hiring international talents, the most useful tool is the live video interview process. The real-time nature of live video interviews allows you to connect with candidates who are geographically out of reach but it is as if they were sitting right there, on the other side of your desk.


    • Another important feature of live video callsare that you can record all the interviews and share the ones that you feel are the best with the whole hiring team.


With the ever-increasing skills gap that is growing every minute, no company can afford to fall back while trying to acquire top talents that they require. Expanding your candidate pool to reach far flung places, even internationally is a smart way to find the ideal candidates for the vacant position and the changing technology is here to make it easier for recruiters to find the right people no matter where they are.



With the skills gap growing wider, you can’t afford to fall in when trying to find the top talent you need. Expanding your candidate pool into international waters is one smart way to find the candidates with the skills you need. Thankfully, new technology is here to help recruiters find the right people no matter where they call home.






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