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Data Services and Analytics

Data Services and Analytics

Data Services and Analytics

From data integration to big data analytics to business dashboards Techaxis consultants deliver it all.

Common Data Model to Unify Data

Techaxis’s industry consultants and architects can help you build a unified view of your customers by bringing data from multiple systems and applications together using pre-built Industry Data Models and standardized, extensible data schemas that can be shared with new applications.

Data Lakes, Warehousing and Data Pipelines

In the world of AI and machine learning, Data Lakes and Data Warehousing are of special importance. As a Microsoft partner, our expertise in Azure and data platforms can help you build comprehensive data collection systems that provide real-time, context-aware actionable insights, automation, and differentiated customer experiences.

Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards

Business teams need actionable insights to provide differentiated customer experiences. Our business intelligence experts can analyze data from transaction systems, data warehouses, or big data systems to achieve this goal.

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