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Recruiting for Startups

Recruiting for Startups

Startup Staffing

Our team here at Techaxis knows the demands of today’s enterprise software companies and how difficult it can be to find the talent needed for this particular field. This is why we have specifically tailored services meant for this industry. Between our knowledge of the software sector and our extensive recruitment experience, we are able to provide you with the highest caliber candidates for your company.

We understand that as the industry moves towards new cloud and SaaS based models, today’s companies need the most talented minds to keep up with the software industry’s evolution. These companies are complex organizations that need experts with a variety of skill sets. This is why we help focus on finding:

  • Commercial Account Executives and Corporate Sales Professionals
  • Regional and International Sales Managers
  • Product Development Experts
  • Marketing Analysts and Sales Consultants
  • Software Engineers

Today’s leading software companies trust us to find these professionals. We know what it takes to find talented individuals that have the entrepreneurial mindset required to usher in change in this dynamic industry, and who understand the best approaches needed to deliver products and drive development.

At Techaxis, we have the credibility, experience and network to find a diamond in the rough.

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